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My Thought-"Drastic change from 1988 till 2020".

My thought goes way back to 1988 when I was just 27 years old and had appeared in my Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management (PGDMSM) by attending the evening management college in Ludhiana covering this under Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan-which was then a renowned institute offering such a course. Those days the MBA was not being conferred in most of the management colleges as is happening still with some of the prestigious management institutes, having the lead role nowadays. The happy news was that I had secured 70.50% marks cumulative in all the subjects and was adjudged topper. I remember those days around 32 years back, it was considered to be a very great achievement and I was awarded the Gold Medal by the then Vice Chancellor-Prof. G S Randhawa of the Guru Nanak Dev University of Amritsar.

Vice Chancellor-Prof. G S Randhawa of the Guru Nanak Dev University of Amritsar awarding Gold Medal.
 The beauty is that I was working at that time in a pharma company where I was supposed to work before 3.00 PM every day and after 3.00 PM there was no permission in Punjab for the pharmaceutical companies to work in the field. The rest of the day used to be a great burden for a young person like me who was working hundreds of kilometers away from his native state of J&K. My friends had joined the clubs and some of them used to spend their time while doing some trading in the Ludhiana Stock Exchange. Whereas I was not liking to spend my time like that. So I decided to join the evening Management college and spend four hours from 5.00 PM till 9.00 PM  on the weekdays un-interrupted.
When I recollect that time-it seems that as compared to present times when the net and digital takeover is there-we lived in a far old, serene, sluggish, and back-ward times-where even for a call I had to go to my landlord's drawing-room for picking the landline phone and attending to the same.
One very important factor which is quite visible nowadays is the digital revolution. Today a person is self-engrossed to such an extent that he hardly bothers with the other things which also have the need to be attended to on priority. He is updated no doubt, but in the process, I feel he has been adversely affected by his Creative abilities to be nurtured further. Since his dependence on the net has gone to such an extent that he hardly thinks of other helping hands. His memory may be sharp but his dependence on the net especially the information sources has made him too lackadaisical.
Let me first finish with my life happenings-I continued as the Medical Representative with my company at Ludhiana for around nine long years and later after getting married in 1989- I was transferred to Delhi on request in October 1990. With the help of the number of sales years put cumulatively I was finally in 1996 after 14 long years promoted to Regional Manager with Amritsar HQ. Remained there till 2000 and came back to Delhi-where my family was living alone for those four long years. In 2003 got promoted to Zonal Manager's post and after four more years in 2007 got further higher responsibilities as the Sales Manager for almost eleven states including North without UP. In the history of my company "Himalaya", I was the only Sales Manager perhaps with the longest tenure of almost 12 years working in two SBU's with the SM's post. Finally, in April-2019 I was promoted to the post of National Sales Manager-which was no doubt a real feather in my cap.
Why I am giving a detailed account of my career- the simple reason is the drastic change of times and even the drastic change in the new generations' approach in their careers. Importantly we were with this bent of mind that a small plant grows strong at one place only and there only it strengthens its stem and becomes a big tree with strong trunk-whereas nowadays people don't believe this ideology or thinking process. They simply try to grab the best possible coming their way in form of a robust job. They don't have this feeling that at one place they could grow strong enough with the passage of time.I think they are right in their thinking too-again the reason is the level of opportunities coming their way and the question of sticking to one organization and imbibing its value system-is not possible when you are yearning to rise with a meteoric rise and we must not forget the saying of survival of the fittest-which is like a Hercules Dragon hovering around them. These young boys and girls, during their learning phases, when they are in their MBAs or other such studies, have also been fighting out the challenges, they have been facing from the external/outer atmosphere. Their process of placements also defines their caliber in which they would place themselves and follow their respective career suites.

In my case, although I rendered my best possible services to my organization which simultaneously rose to the level it has attained today. I remember that year-1982, "Himalaya" had not even crossed 50 crore sales mark when I joined the company but when I got retired on 31st Oct'2019, the same company had crossed 3000 crores sales mark-which was a big matter of pride for me as a Himalayan. My Chairman-Mr. M. Manal (Himalaya) wrote me a personal letter at the time of my retirement that he was proud of me since I was according to him the real "Warrior" who contributed to building the strong walls of Himalaya over the years and I too in reciprocation feel highly elated and express my heartfelt gratitude towards that great man. The expression of my chairman was the best gift which I got as "Retirement gift" and I would cherish it in the times to come. Reason -I was recognized by him amongst such a big force of people in thousands-which he is handling. Compare it with nowadays generation-where, they might not even think of spending even half of my service tenure of 38 years with a single company but yes, they would like to take "jump-overs" from one organization to another with "Job hopping" and would yearn to be at the top within a short span of time. My son after finishing his MBA from Hyderabad and getting the top merit- honor, till now, has already changed three organizations and is serving comparatively in a better position as per his career-approach. If you ask me as to how has he done -I would say he has done 100% correct as per the market need and scenario and befitted himself in the present day niche-accordingly & accurately. 
When I think of my own satisfaction levels while being in the job at different levels and rendering my services to the organization- I would express my dissatisfaction at the time when I could have given more and better for the same organization. But it is situational and depending on the people handling the resources. Also, to what extent they thought they could extract the best out of me and my experience.
But personally speaking, I feel, I could have done and rendered much more for Himalaya-during my tenure and even if my services extended-may be I could have contributed to a bigger extent-but that is where the knack of the people at the helm to extract the maximum out of my long expertise-demonstrate their caliber. No regrets.
In the end, I would like to conclude that "my thought" on the drastic change- has been true to the happenings during the course from 1988 to date and gives a sumptuous view of the total roundabout changes occurring during this time-phase.

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  1. It is true to my happening and gives a clear cut view of the drastic changes happening during this changing time.Read it and this will give each one a clear cut picture and may be a bigger correction course-action too.

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      I must say Genius man .

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  4. Nice to know right from the beginning of your career to the end.Sir, you have been a really idol for me.I learnt many things from you.it is difficult to detail all in one sentence or on page.Of coarse one thing i would say you made me learn to love my job and perform it with conviction,determination and honesty.

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