My Thought-“ Himalaya’s-Annual Star Awards' Function At Goa-March-2019”.


All India Pharma Associations go on celebrating their Excellence Awards' functions every year at the larger scale where the stalwarts of the industry and the renowned people of the pharmaceutical world are invited and the various companies are given the best or Excellence awards for their splendid contribution in some of the identified fields. South-Asia's largest Pharmaceutical event - CPhI & PMEC India, is stepping in its 14th year's success with Pharma Week from 24th to 26th November 2020. The grand stage of India Pharma Awards is back in its 8th year to celebrate the advances & achievements of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

CEO presenting Bouquet with NSM Promotion letter at the Star Function.

A part of the Recognition & Networking stream, India Pharma Awards 2020 will bring together industry champions, stalwarts & visionaries from around the world. The journey for the Awards has proved to be interesting with an increased number of nominations, partnerships, and audience footfalls year on year. India Pharma Awards is not only a platform for the pharma companies in the country but also a platform that honors individual achievements within those companies, hence serving as the best platform for the universe of pharma.

Annual day Function  By OPPI Group.

In 2019 the OPPI body -Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers Of India” was awarded Platinum Trophy for the section” In Science We Trust” in the Marcom Awards functions. This body represents the total gamut of the pharmaceutical companies in India.

IDMA-Annual Meeting -where Excellence Awards Announced.

Likewise, Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (IDMA) which was formed in 1961-conducts the well-appreciated annual Pharmaceutical Analyst Conventions. IDMA has played an active role in many Government policy discussions and gives away annual Awards such as the IDMA Quality Excellence Awards to the various manufacturers of the pharmaceutical section. Such encouragement to the manufacturing section goes a long way in the further progress of such houses and also in getting due recognition at the international platforms as well.

Annual Excellence Awards-At Pragati Maidan-New Delhi.

Pharma Excellence Award Function.

On the same pattern, Himalaya Drug Company also started the Excellence award functions from 2018 onwards. In this annual function, the company invites its top performers in the different segments as identified especially related to the annual Sales Performances and gives them a "party-bash" as well as the two days unrestricted celebration time and awards them with various Trophies and Certificates. This act of theirs, has proved to be an encouraging way and motivational tool for their champion performers. Thus, such super performers go in the field even more refreshed and with new zeal and drive. Thus, their performances improve drastically in the subsequent years and in a big way a very big contribution to the organizational growth.

Himalaya's Star Award Function Venue.

Hoardings Of The Achievers At Star Award Function-Himalaya.

The whole performers’ lists were finalized and their- to and fro, Air tickets were arranged by the company. Their lodging in the five-star hotel at the beach of South Goa along with the five-star amenities and their continental food stuff-was all the memorable arrangement by the company itself. People had just to come and enjoy the luxurious facilities and five-star comforts for these two-three days there at the resort booked. A very heavy cost must have been incurred by the company and a due recognition and applaud was thus given to all the star-champions called in person that way.

Open Sea Facing Area At The Star Award Venue.

I was also lucky to be part of the first two Star Award Functions as they call it. The first one was in March 2018 and the second one was in March-2019. The company had called the professionals like the popular DJ and the other top musical-bands and magicians etc. and those guys made the celebration a memorable one. I would not go into the details of the same one by one-it would take a lot of time in recalling and discussing those moments but the main thing which I wanted to highlight here was-the best opportunity for both the company and the champion field-force to come together and enjoy the celebrations. This imparted a huge confidence level to the top performers that their efforts were being recognized and as a result of this, they would go for the bigger and higher performances in the times to come.

Swimming Pool At The Venue Of Himalaya Award Function.

One very important ingredient in the managing of the top-class performers or so-called the Efficient Sales Professionals-is the timely recognition or applauding which they need badly. In case they started feeling that their efforts were not being given the due, their performances start falling apart and they would also go in the demoralized states as has been seen by many organizations in their field forces from time to time.

There was one day-given exclusively for the trophies and Certificates to be given mixed with the cultural programmes done by the professional artists and even the brief lectures by the CEO and the top brass of the management. The whole day was spent in the same and there was a special victorious ambiance being felt in the whole big Hall which had the total number of around 300 people including the whole of the HO staff as well.

During this-celebrations I was also awarded the bouquet with the promotion letter of becoming the national sales manager on this occasion, which was a very good and memorable gesture by the Company Chief. I was very much touched and felt very motivated at the same time, to have been given such a trustworthy and responsible assignment at the national level. This I got after continuously serving the company for 38 long years in the different capacities at the different HQs from time to time.

Senior Managers With CEO Of Himalaya.

By around 6.00 PM, the whole show came to an end and the people invited were again told to assemble in the evening near the swimming pool, where the open Dinner was organized with some interesting programmes as well. Finally, in the evening when all gathered there near the swimming pool, a professional Music Group performed for an hour or so and a magician too showed a few tricks which were very surprising and unique. All the people of different age groups and levels came together amid the central-garden-area and started dancing on the various tunes played by the organisers of the show. This went on for at least a couple of hours more and some people had taken drinks and were dancing nonstop till the time they were forcefully stopped and the day came to an end.

Senior Managers Of Himalaya At The Venue.

On the second day also, the people were told to go on their own anywhere they wanted to enjoy and tour around Goa. People went to see different locations and also different beaches during the day time and finally by evening the next day, all went off to their respective places where from they had come. The whole function came to an end but the memories of the same remain still in our minds and each one who participated in this function wanted to be a sure and confirmed participant yet again in the coming year.

Attached Sea Beach With the Himalaya Award Function-Venue.

The conducting of such vibrant and motivating events at the renowned places like Goa at such a high scale by the organization pays a greater dividend in the long run and the employees also remember this great gesture of the company for times to come. Their performance levels naturally come on to the optimum and their trust in the teams operating at the managerial levels increases, manifold. If we analyse it from the psyche part of it-companies play very smartly these timely befitting events and keep the whole lot of the field force strongly attached to the organisation mentally and effort-wise(physically) as well.




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  1. Really, those happy moments are unforgettable. This year too i was going to Goa to celebrate star award function. I got my air ticket also, but unfortunately due to covid-19 it was cancelled. Now waiting for next year.