My Thought-“ Accident Of A Young and Promising Manager At Chandigarh”.

Around nine years back when I was given the fresh responsibility of the parent SBU-called Zenith as the SM-the rural division with the name of Zera too was given to me as with every SM of Zenith. In this division, the smaller micro interiors were taken and they were given the mix of the commonly running brands to be promoted in the interiors and they were accordingly given an annual target for that mix basket of brands. That time I had one HQ-BHIWANI-in Haryana-which was also made the Zera HQ. Surprisingly this HQ was doing far better than the other similar HQ. Its targets too were getting achieved well in advance and the product-wise performance for the competitive brands too was topping the All India List. The secret behind such a tremendous performance was the boy based at that HQ. I went to work with him once and realised that the boy was extraordinarily intelligent and at the same time, a very good salesman also. This guy had the strong MIS and also remembered all the latest schemes offered by the other company’s competitive brands. Based on his latest updates he used to play that very well with the retailers and always entangle them into some beneficial business transactions and procure fairly good orders from the potential retailers of his town. His detailing was very good and he used to top in the objection handling in the in-clinic competitions which we used to organise during our monthly and quarterly meetings.



In all the meetings he would always sit in the front line and everyone was very particular to sit along his side. I remember once the product managers from the HO came and introduced one new product to all and while the discussions were on he was the only one guy knowing the actual cost of at least five to six competitor's brands and even their margins to the retailers given. Our Product manager was so much impressed that she told openly that he knew so many things which even the people claiming in the office to be very intelligent did not know. His points were jotted down by the HO people and the strong follow up and even implementation of his suggestions was done at the HO level for the All India Plan Of Actions which were prepared. He was just two and a half years old only in the company-when I started keeping a very close eye on him and his performance. I asked him in one of the meetings separately if he was ready to leave his hometown and go to some other bigger place as a manager. Initially, he showed some inhibitions and after some time-with, due discussions with his close ones-he conveyed to me that he was ready to take the higher responsibility. Those days we had a special policy and that was minimum of three-plus years to have been put as the Medical Rep and also the same guy had attended the special LDP (Leadership Development Programme) programme which was conducted by the company’s Global Training-Centre. Normally this LDP too -one was eligible with a minimum of three years of selling experience whether being in the same company or not for those three years. This guy had not completed even those three years and I had to recommend him as the special case for the same.


Finally, he was promoted as the Regional Manager at such a young age with Chandigarh as his HQ and that too with a special jump into the parent division-Zenith. So, he was given a very important area of Punjab and the UT-Chandigarh under his supervision. This guy started very well the same way as he was doing his very good job as the Med Rep at Bhiwani.  Just after a couple of years he was so much happy and seemed to be satisfied that he started thinking of purchasing a flat in Chandigarh and get settled there. I remember -while on my tour to Chandigarh-when he met me he told me that he wanted to purchase a flat and had the plans to bring his family to that place since it was there in Bhiwani at that time. I too became very happy and motivated him further to go ahead and do good with the new responsibility given.




He immediately purchased a good flat at Zirakpur near Chandigarh and shifted his family. By that time he had one small issue and had fully shifted all the goods to the new place. One evening his colleague who was RM based at Amritsar while on his tour to Shimla had called him from Chandigarh and he very happily called him over to his place saying to him that his wife was not there at the home since she was in a family way and away to Bhiwani. This gentleman went to Zirakpur which was hardly a few Kilometres from Chandigarh and met him at the border area on his motorcycle. He took him to his place and on his way, they stopped at the main roadside for purchasing the cigarette. It was that very moment that a very fast running vehicle came from behind and collided with their motorbike from behind. The man on the back had a big tossup in the air and fell on the road and this guy could not come out of the motorbike and his head was badly hit and he was unconscious there and then. The pillion rider immediately called his other Chandigarh-colleagues on mobile to the spot and it was very late in the night. Both these guys were shifted there and then to the hospital with the help of their colleagues who reached the spot very fast. The pillion rider had a fracture in his ankle and after a few days he was almost OK but unfortunately, this man remained in the unconscious state for quite a few hours and immediate surgeries and other immediate treatments were given to him. His consciousness did not return for quite some days and he was then removed to the super speciality centre for the treatment also a lot of money was spent and even all the colleagues too extended all possible help to him but unfortunately, he still was in a bad shape. Finally, after so many days once surgeries and other therapies were done he started seeing around but was not recognising anyone. After so many days once it was seen that he needed a long-term treatment and there was no scope for his immediate recovery and even the consciousness was not full-he was removed to his native place. During all this period the company extended all possible help and financially too he was helped by the company for years together. But as the luck would have it- he did not recover to such an extent that he would be able to do a field job. He still cannot recognise all his people and this was due to a big hit on his temporal portion of the brain at the time of the accident.



Sometimes I feel that look how things change overnight especially with those also who are the extra-ordinary and very promising. A single hit of misfortune changes the whole scenario to such an extent that one bows down with full humility in front of the Almighty God and prays for every day to be good & a happy one for all the people. Had I not stressed him to come to Chandigarh and take up the promotion-and had he not accepted the same for his career prospects-Might be the scene would have been different-but the realities unfold with the times and we are all helpless here.

“Tarun”-I pray for your full recovery from the bottom of my heart and wish you good health & Happiness ahead .




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  1. We all pray for his speedy recovery.. May god bless him.

  2. Sir,he was my room partner in Goa. Since that time we were very good friends. He was fond of old songs. I hope he will recover soon.

  3. God is very kind.. He will recover very soon.. Aamen

  4. Really....he was such a LION of the field...
    God bless him....🙏🙏🙏

  5. I met him. He is a very nice and smart guy. Praying for him. I hope each new day brings him close to a full and speedy recovery!


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