My Thought-“Fighting Myself ‘The Revanta Multi State CGHS’ Scam Of 400 Crores In Delhi Courts”.

Five years back in 2015, one of my friends took me to a very big builder’s office in Dwarka with the name-M/S Revanta Multi State CGHS. He knew him very well and I saw a lot of people in the queue filling the required form for the booking of their flats of different sizes and structures under the heading Smart City-Dwarka. Those days the new government had announced the formation of the Smart Cities in the different parts of the country. I too got very excited and wanted to know more about the same. My friend Ajay-Sachdeva told me that it was a very good opportunity to go in for the same. They had various plans and even very good payment schedules too. I wanted to know about the place and even further details about the project. My friend along with their one representative took us to the land which was near sector 23-Dwarka and showed us the board with the details of M/S Revanta Multistate CGHS written on it. He told us that the proposed multi-story smart Flats would be constructed there at that spot within three years and maximum by 2019 we would be getting our flats ready and the possession would be given thereafter.

Fighting A Fraud

Seeing the place and the proper board with so many people coming to that spot to see the proposed smart city- I got convinced and checked with them about the booking. They told me that the booking of the whole plan had been done and only a few flats were left. So I too under the influence of my friend Ajay did the booking for the bigger flat of 1650 Sq Feet area-which was 3BHK with Servant Quarter. Before that, I had taken my family also to that spot and saw that time more people thronging into that spot and trying to do their bookings as well. Finally, after getting all the necessary information I did the payment for the above-mentioned booking and within three months I had to pay 50% of the amount and the rest of the amount was to be paid at the time of getting the possession. The initial 50% was also to be paid in three installments which was an easy way of making the time scheduled payments.

News In The Paper With Three People Arrested.

Thus, over three years, I had already made the major payment of the proposed flat and I used to go to their registered office and enquire as to what was the level of development in the same project. To my bad luck every time I was told that the DDA had approved the land and the construction would start immediately. There was no construction started and the same board which I had seen four years back was still there the same way and no change in the land too had taken place. I started contacting the rest of the people and slowly came to know that 4000 such people like me had applied for these smart flats in the proposed smart city. Once we all gathered there at their registered office in sector 23 Dwarka and met their representative to know the exact status of the project. Surprisingly their answer was somewhat very confusing. They did not say anything about the start of the construction even after the five years of our payments made and were just telling us to wait for some more time till the land lease formalities with the Delhi government were complete. We thought that it might be true that these people were still not getting their work done by the government. So hoping that the things would start happening soon as per their assurances too-we all went back to our respective places and the whole matter came to a standstill.

Case Already Put Into FIR with EOW-Delhi Police.

After a few months at the beginning of the new year-2020-I read in the TOI newspaper about the same ‘Revanta’ people getting arrested by the EOW section of the police in Delhi.

EOW-Delhi Police.

Following was the text of the newspaper:-

The Delhi Police’s Economic Offences Wing (EOW) on Friday said they had arrested three senior office-bearers of a real estate company -- Revanta Multi-State CGHS Ltd.—for allegedly cheating hundreds of homebuyers of nearly R400 crore on the pretext of offering flats in southwest Delhi’s Dwarka. The company allegedly offered flats in L-Zone Dwarka under the Delhi Development Authority’s (DDA) land pooling policy even though the authority had not allotted any land for any housing project, EOW officials said. Joint commissioner of police (EOW) OP Mishra said the company’s present president Pradeep Shehrawat, its former president Satender Maan and secretary Subhash Chand was arrested on Thursday in a case of cheating, criminal breach of trust, and criminal conspiracy registered on December 26 last year. Investigators said the real estate company had hired facilitation agencies and paid them around R115 crore for contacting potential homebuyers through phone calls, text messages, or emails. The investors were first tricked into paying token money to secure a slot and the society’s membership and took more money in the name of various “development charges”, said an EOW officer privy to the investigation.

There we came to know that these three people with their names as M/S Satinder Mann, Pradeep Shahrawat and Subhash Chand had been put behind the bars for duping 4000 people of their money worth 400 crores. It had happened because of one Mr.Misra had filed an FIR with the Economic Offences Wing Of Delhi Police. The same was looked into by the three men ‘Special Investigating Team’ of Delhi Police and only on confirmation of the duping done at such a bigger scale the EOW wing arrested these three main persons who were running this show. This scam became even more popular when it started featuring in the TV news and also in the private channels.

Immediately we people gathered together and formed our groups to fight it back and get our money back at any cost. We started contacting them and even approaching them individually also. They told us every time that they had no money and they would not be returning any money but they stood for the flats and assured us the same would be given to us as a promise. When we asked about the time they started giving us the new time of the 2023 year as the year when the same would be ready. This was a clear game of avoiding us all and depriving us of our hard-earned money. They started playing other games of influencing some of us and telling them to select other properties of other builders and that way get compensated. To which most of us did not agree and wanted our money back without fail.

Name Of The Builder Trapped In Fraud.

Finally, we decided to form our groups to file the case in the courts both the civil and even the criminal ones against these three people. We collected all our documents and the certificates issued to us against our bookings and payments and had a sitting with our advocates. They too studied the case and assured us of the fruitful results. So some of us including myself who had already paid a huge amount of almost Rs.33.00 lacs filed the cases in the Delhi-Courts and luckily the cases were admitted by the judges concerned looking into the merit of our respective cases.

Now the battle has been taken to courts and the cases too have been duly admitted by the concerned judges for the further process of hearings. These are many separate cases filed and in some, the first hearing has taken place.

Case Already Filed In High Court-Delhi.

We had no other alternative but to fight them out in the court both through the civil and criminal procedures. These guys have been looting the innocent public of their hard-earned money in such a fine and deceitful manner that a common person could never make out whether he was investing his life’s collection for his good or their self-snatching benefits.

The Culprit Forced To Vomit Out Grabbed Money.

This I wanted to bring into my daily blog only for one simple reason that the innocent public should not get betrayed any further and should invest only in the RERA marked authentic transactional centers of business and at the same time also in the  Government-authorized setups. The big names in the Estate Business are just flukes and this time when the estate business is at its lowest ebb such frauds are being reported more commonly not only in South Delhi but also in NOIDA and Gurugram mainly-where most of such flats are being sold nowadays. Builders like Revanta -where no one could even have an aorta of doubt on their dealings came out to be the real traitors-and only the Courts can give them the necessary lessons for the future course and to us-our hard-earned money back.


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  1. Congrats. Very nice blog and surely your blog will save innocent buyers from getting cheated & looted by these fraudulent persons.

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  3. I read it completely becaz I'm also a invester in revanta. Your blog has put forward the plight of us and also showed a path to new investors .
    Sir if i would also like to join you in the filed suit how could it be possible.

  4. Hope we can get back the money we invested with interest Accrudeded. But how long now the Honourable Court will take the time to give the judgement. Revanta's answer we want to know now.


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