Ravi Speaks-The incredible progress of Israel.


Ravi Speaks:

The incredible progress of Israel.


Hi friends,

When it comes to changing the seawater to 'drinking water-technology'-it is always Israel that comes to mind first. When it comes to Facial recognition for the locking system to be employed in Mobiles -it is originally the Israeli invention-which we see even in the iPhones nowadays. The freezing technology of wiping breast cancer out within fifteen minutes is yet again the advancement of Israeli technology in the Medical Sciences. The traffic safety systems minimizing the accidents on the high rushing National Highways and also the advancement in the defense systems- is again the contribution of this small country Israel. In the following video the detailed depiction of the progress of Israel and its major contribution that way to the whole world and the humanity itself talks volumes of the immense progress this small country has already made.

It rained very heavily yesterday and even today in the morning hours-making the temperature dip furthering this winter. Immediately we find the waterlogging and the blockages happening with just one or two long showers. As if this was not enough-look at the scary number of new cases getting COVID and the new Omicron Variant. These uncertainties have caused a lot of challenges to the bigger countries like India and similar ones with heavier populations. Look at Israel-where the similar problems are there but their advancement on all the fronts has made them far too progressive and even free from the invisible enemy to a great extent.

Look at the international level also the fights again erupted between Israel and their enemies as if the COVID was not enough. I have heard and even seen many videos related to Israel and its progress. Looking to its small area as much as the equivalent to our Delhi and the population yet not crossing a crore{97 lacs} and the immense progress made on all other fronts-one starts believing the incredible genius of these people and the beauty of their unity. 

Some time back in the earlier regime even the opposition leader when asked by the BBC correspondent about their Prime minister’s adamant approach in continuing the fight against the belt and Hamas-it was very surprising to note that he started favoring his own Prime Minister and told the media man that they would appreciate the steps taken by the PM and would all extend their full support but they would not allow anybody from outside even to raise a finger against their country.

Find below the video of the ex-PM of Canada talking very openly and with pride about his observations on the incredible progress of Israel:-


                                           Ex-PM of Canada Speaking About Israel.

I am putting here two videos that are viral nowadays showing Israel’s meteoric progress and their military might as well. There is another one which shows that all the fighter planes which tried to enter the Israel boundaries from Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi, Yemen and Egypt, and other surrounding countries along with their enemies in Gaza were so accurately vanished and wiped off from the sky itself that the video keeps everyone spellbound. Such was the precision that not even one of those fighters could do any harm to Israel. If we see the history Israel has been constantly attacked by the so-called Arabian countries from time to time. If we say it to be a war between One small country emerging as a giant and the whole group of Arabian countries-it would not be a big claim.

During Night -laser precision attacks of Israel's air defense.

A lot of Israel's populace comprises of evacuees from the Arab world, a considerable lot of whom escaped or were driven from their tribal homes by Arabs maddened and embarrassed by Israeli triumphs in 1949, 1957, and 1967. Others come from parts of Russia that were never essential for the West. Israel's incorporation into the non-western world was postponed by Arab antagonism. Be that as it may, Arab power is debilitating: of the world's major social and financial areas, just sub-Saharan Africa has had less monetary and political improvement since World War Two than the Arab world

When I did a bit of reading on the progress front in Israel-one thing was very clear that we as Indians are nowhere near Israel and we may say that we have a lot of big brains governing the developed countries also but our condition as far as the progress on all the fronts is concerned-we are far too lagging. We have been unfortunately living in a cobwebbed-corruptible society-where even a political leader tries his utmost to amass wealth through unfair means. Nobody is interested in foreseeing where our country is heading and as the luck would have it we have been facing natural calamities like pandemics and even Cyclones which are further retarding our country’s little bit of progress if that progress was visible.

25 years subsequent to building up formal discretionary ties, the India-Israel organization is getting out of the shadows. To some extent, theirs' is a relationship based on protection or Defense as India makes a frantic race to modernize its military and redesign its arms stockpile, Israel has turned into its third-biggest arms provider, with $599 million worth of weapons sold the year before. Furthermore assuming a $2 billion arms bargain as any sign, that figure will just ascent in years to come, as Delhi goes to Israeli mastery on rocket guard and digital innovation to support its own abilities, especially along the Pakistani boundary.

Thanks to the present Government's steps initiated and the friendly ties with Israel strengthening-it gives a very good signal and the feeling to an Indian that we are on the track of prosperity and are in the process of strengthening our ties with the developed countries to make our position even more important and dependable.


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