Ravi Speaks-


 ARTICLE UPDATED :-25.09.2021.

                                       The Actual Divine-stones laid centuries back-the main attraction.


he first time when I started going to this magical holy place for Hindus-I was just 12. I along with my maternal grandparents had gone to Kheer Bhawani first time from Srinagar-Kashmir in 1973. That time we had stayed there for around a week. My grandfather-whom we used to call “Papaji”, was a very staunch devotee of Mata Kheer Bhawani. I remember while on our way around a couple of kilometres still to be covered-there was a big long row of huge and quite old thick trunked Chinar trees in a real symmetrical fashion. Papaji got out of the car and went near to one of those Chinar trees and bowed in front of it. He remained there for almost 10 minutes with hands folded and eyes closed, praying to the Mata-showing thereby the holiness of these Chinar trees as well. Once we reached the Temple, there was a huge rush of people and we came to know that immediately after a couple of days there was the festival of Mata Kheer Bhawani falling. It was on the Jyeshta Ashtami day as per the Vikramisamwat-calendar (Hindu Calendar).