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Updated on 20.01.2022
This article was published on 22/05/2021 and it gives to some extent the post-horrible picture of the second wave. Today the same is being updated and republished just to make everyone realise how much it is necessary for each one of us to obey all possible precautions so that we don't allow that type of 'out of control situation' to happen again. God Forbid!


After Lockdown-The Outsiders Outflow To Their Native Places:

Looking to the present-day scenario things seem to be slightly messed up. Although there has been comparatively a smoother outflow of the labour class and other people from other states outside Delhi -immediately after the Lockdown was clamped. At least 800,000 migrant workers travelled from Delhi to their home states in the first four weeks of lockdown in the Capital, nearly half of them in the first week, a report by the Delhi government said, highlighting that buses and other arrangements were made for labourers to avoid a repeat of last year’s crisis. The situation was better handled this time and there was visibly less crowding at ISBTs, especially in Anand Vihar, because of better coordination with Delhi Police, proper ground management by the concerned district magistrates and timely coordination with neighbouring states.

Lockdown Getting Extended & Its Impact On Us:

The time of Lockdown getting extended from a few weeks to many weeks and daily works getting almost stopped are causing a big worry. So again the same disturbing question comes to mind as to what would be the impact on common people like you and me of all this.

RBI Says: - {“The Biggest Toll” Of The Ongoing Second Wave Of Covid-19 Is “Demand Shock”}.

What would be the economic adverse impact extent on all of us? RBI has already started giving statements like “Demand Shock” and all that. “The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said, in its monthly bulletin released on May 17, that “the biggest toll” of the ongoing second wave of Covid-19 is “demand shock”. It listed other negatives — “loss of mobility, discretionary spending and employment, besides inventory accumulation” — but emphasised that “aggregate supply is less impacted”. Perhaps because of this, RBI concluded that “the resurgence of Covid-19 has dented but not debilitated economic activity in the first half of 2021-22” and that the economy hasn’t been as badly hit as it was last year.

Why Centre Allowed States To Take A Call On Lockdown?

RBI is mostly correct. A year ago, during the main wave, the 68-day lockdown resulted in facilitating more limitations which implied a huge disturbance in supply. This year, the Union government, learnt from its experience a year ago, has avoided declaring a public lockdown, leaving it to the states to force limited lockdowns. Numerous states depended on these actions in April as the subsequent wave took steps to overpower their wellbeing frameworks, yet guaranteed that there would not be an over-the-top interruption in mechanical exercises.

NIBRI Was At 61.9 As On 16.05.2021

The Nomura India Business Resumption Index for the week finished May 16 was 61.9 (100 demonstrates a pre-pandemic degree of movement), a sharp tumble from February when it nearly arrived at pre-pandemic levels. This level was most recently seen in June 2020, after the hard lockdown finished and modern exercises began continuing. It might fall again this week and next, with numerous states expected to expand lockdowns as the subsequent wave gives the primary indications of ebbing, however, it is impossible it will go down to the degrees of around 45 seen last April.

Caveat: -RBI’s Statement May Be Tentative-Assessment:

Perhaps the caveat added by the Central Bank that this statement from RBI is a tentative assessment speaks about it all. So, dear, let us all not get carried away by this and wait for yet another bulletin from RBI-who knows that the regulatory body comes out with yet another “shock”.

We Feel More Burdened Presently:

We feel to a great extent even more burdened, nowadays, when each one of us should have been very happy that we are attending to ourselves more than what we could care for ourselves in the normal routine working days. Perhaps the number of our brethren losing their precious lives and the precarious situation in which we were a couple of weeks back have all changed our way of thought process to a greater extent. I had not seen with my naked eyes people dying like a fish out of water for want of Oxygen and then so many bodies on so many burning- pyres with the rest of the people waiting for their respective near ones who were no more with the waiting-token numbers for their respective turns in Nigambodh and many such cremation fields.

Additionally, Cyclones, Kisan Strikes, Adding More Complicacy To The Present Declining Economy:

Certain things not in hand like the natural calamities and untimely winds and rains have also added fuel to the fire. The cyclones like ‘Tauktae’ and the resultant rains spreading from the western side to the upper northern sides have damaged the whole Wheat production besides the heavier losses of lives in hundreds of humans around the coastal areas. Evaluation of those losses would expose the economic picture of India even more.

The continued Kisan Strike on the borders of Delhi already nearing a century and a half in days has been consistently killing the economic growth outrightly since all the logistic approaches to the goods and services for the far north have been adversely affected. 

How Much We Attribute The Present Situation To The Present Government?

The above-continued strike of Kisans is just one example where the centre could have taken a proactive measure of reaching some point of compromise. But the present government has many times shown the adamancy-which might not prove to be a positive stance from them. There has been a real mess during the last three weeks especially in the bigger cities-which now has gone into the micros of India. Here again, the centre’s timely anticipation of certain measures would have saved a lot of damage. Even the full concentration of the leading leaders of the commanding party towards the election campaigning has already been discussed threadbare by the whole of the world.

New Arising Inter State-Centre Conflicts Especially With Different Ruling Parties:

Look at the continued war and conflicts between the states where the parties governing them are not the Central BJP-party. The daily “Delhi-State-Government-versus Centre” conflicts are just like the rope stretching the play and people are fully aware of all these gimmickries. All these acts are heading the common man towards further miseries and no expectation of any respite.

We find similar examples with Rajasthan and such states -where we have the non-BJP governments.

The best example is of the recent West Bengal outcome-and immediately after that the CBI drama-clearly proving how the conflicts are being fuelled.

Under such situations how a common man already affected badly can think of coming out with a positive solution and some comfort finally for himself.

Are We All Happy Now A Days?

It seems that happiness has suddenly eloped and we pretend to be happy. Of course, so many lessons have been taught to all of us by all these painful happenings. We will find each person now approaching life with a changed thoughtful process. Perhaps that would mark some positivity in our stances and approaches towards each other and unity amongst the people get strengthened further.

Finally, Have Coffee-It Is In Your Hands-“Video”:-

Finally, the changed thought process might even bring some positive and revolutionary results in the democratic setup in which we are. Since we are the people who can bring about drastic change. It is in our hand-how we are going to turn around things of the present to more productive and happy times. This video is very apt to the present discussion-enjoy!

 Enjoy Coffee


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