Ravi Speaks:-"Mobile-Dependence or Mobile Addiction?"

 Ravi Speaks:

"Mobile-Dependence or Mobile Addiction?"

What is Addiction?

When you wake up in the morning, do you check your phone first more than anything else? If you do, this is an early sign of smartphone addiction. This problem may lead to a serious addiction. On average, an individual checks his phone after every 6.5 minutes. This is also known as Nomophobia (fear of being without a Mobile phone). Addiction is sometimes even called a disorder inducing the user to go for compulsive overuse of the mobile device.

Mobile has become a fundamental instrument: -

You might have read a lot about present-day smartphones. Mobile Phones have turned into a crucial piece of our regular routines. Cell phones assume a significant part of our regular routines. For what reason would they say they are so famous? Nearly everybody possesses a cell phone these days, as they feel it is a fundamental instrument. Individuals without a cell phone are unconventional. There should be reasons we have become so reliant upon cell phones. Foremost, they are convenient. Along these lines, it is helpful for us to convey cell phones and stay in touch with others.

Heavy dependence causative factor for addiction: -

So, one thing you will observe as a reader-whatever, I scribble down any line for the ‘Cell Phone’ or the Mobile here, it would give you the inference of one simple word and that is “ADDICTION”. In a way even if I mention the simple advantages or its important features -one could easily derive the addiction or attachment from that sentence since our involvement with it would only prove to what extent we are deriving our advantages or exploring the same for making ourselves more comfortable and dependent on it.

Multiple level usage and dependence: -

The cell phone has become a significant piece of existence for a considerable lot of us. It has become so significant that accidentally leaving the telephone at home would be a calamity. I know people who have turned around to return home to recover a forgotten cell phone while being late had desperate outcomes. Managing without a cell phone for an entire day is unimaginable for most of us. The telephone currently keeps us associated with undeniably more than our telephone mates. The present cell phone associates us with our family, companions, informal organizations, breaking news, recent developments, and the whole Internet. Without the cell phone, we wouldn't think about news the moment it breaks. We'd miss our companions' notices progressively. A restricted information diet wouldn't allow us to look into reality. We wouldn't know what the climate has to unfold. It would be a difficult situation to discover where that new café is at noon. We wouldn't have the option to think that it is on a guide and afterward get coordinated to it.

Individuals mishandle their Mobile: -

Individuals mishandle cell phones. I imagine that cell phones are key devices we can't live without, yet we ought to try not to mishandle them. We should consider cautiously the benefits and disadvantages before buying a cell phone, and wonder why we need a cell phone regardless of whether we will want to use it dependably.

Heavier Wireless, like ‘Nokia’, was my first Mobile: -

I remember the first one which I got was somewhere at the beginning of the nineties here in Delhi. It was a NOKIA with a wireless-looking shape and also a heavier one. I was not comfortable handling the same. But never the less it was so much important to have one that without it we could not do our daily work in the field comfortably. Slowly and steadily, we got the slightly advanced piece of Samsung and started using the same. After say a couple of years later, the mobile changed further, and slowly in early 2010, I got the iPhone. It made my life very easy and helped me in many works other than speaking to people online. Those works were mainly the works like checking the mail and even solving the Google search problem and so on. The reason for my having a special affinity for the iPhone has been its very simple handling and faster speed because of the iOS system.

At least two iPhones I lost in the past: -

Being in the field, I lost at least two iPhones and not even one was recovered from the places where these got stolen. One obvious thing was that I had developed a special affinity for my Mobile set. I used to be looking into its various features whenever it was new in my hand and trying out different games which were there in it while I was traveling. This mobile helps me still a great deal when I had to search out some particular place or address. The GPS in it makes it even more important. The high-speed network serves as the platform for us to get almost all the work on the Internet done on the same smartphone.

Careless handling of Mobile while driving: -

Nowadays, whenever I am driving down the NH-way from my residence towards Delhi, I see normally very different but daring scenes. I very often see the young boys with their heads slightly bent towards the right or left, driving their two-wheelers and attending to their calls on mobiles. This scene sometimes gives a feeling that these young boys might lose control of their two-wheelers. But they beautifully do both the acts simultaneously with no difficulty. People driving their cars and seen talking to their people while being on the wheels also throw an enormous risk to them and they also seem to be very comfortable doing both acts together.

Despite Authority's warning for penalties-mishandling still exists: -

Although the authorities clearly announce that people should not attend to their phones while driving but there seems to be no change in the number of such people doing this act. One must stop his vehicle aside and then attend to his phone calls. That is the best and safest way to attend to such occasions. How many do that? Hardly a few.

Addiction to Mobile has given rise to many jokes: 

There are many jokes now made about the addiction to mobiles. Recently there was this joke of a man returning home in the evening while being busy on his mobile. He went to the next-door neighbor’s home, thinking it to be his own. Inside the home-the lady, also busy on her mobile, returns towards this man and offers him water without looking at him. This man, while being busy on his mobile, drinks the water and suddenly the actual man of the same house enters. He was also busy talking on his mobile. The moment he enters and sees someone drinking water immediately goes out, thinking that he had entered the wrong house. This confusion of all the people around talks volumes to what extent Mobile has gone into our daily lives and created a real mess and confusion.

This extent of addiction has made so many people so much busy with it they have forgotten their normal chores of daily work to be done. In my house, I find all my family members are very busy with it. Sometimes when I come out of my room and stroll around, I do not find anyone free. I have to shout and call the concerned member for some work. Since we don’t have any small kids at present at our home, the pin-drop silence is mainly because of this Smart Device-since all the outstanding personalities are busy with it. I am sure the same condition must prevail in your respective homes as well. Such an addiction may not always be good or termed as the normal one. But yes, this sort of situation has surely become the “New Normal” in all the houses.

We lose confidence if we don’t have our Mobile with us: -

Many times when we just forget the Mobile at our home and go out for our work-we suddenly feel as if we have lost our confidence levels. We don’t even remember the important mobile numbers-which we might need while being out. Even the connection with the rest of the world is lost. Finally, we might do nothing important that day and come back as soon as possible to our home and immediately catch hold of this magical piece. We immediately try to go through the emails, WhatsApp, and even all other necessary information like phone calls and SMSs, etc. Now, in such a situation, one would say it is better to be addicted to such a thing since at least one would not forget to take it along at the times when we move out.

Mobile- An essential piece of Existence: -

Dependence has become the second alternative name for this essential piece of existence in our lives. Now the additional features of doing the banking work and paying the payments through it have made it even more necessary to be kept along with you in the pocket. I have not been carrying the Wallet with me whenever I go out for household purchases. Yes, this Mobile does the whole of the payment work for me. Digitalization and internet availability have made their usage even more than the usage of the wallet. It is safer to deal with your mobile than to keep the cash in your wallet. Even immediate payment transfer to other bank branches is being easily done by your mobile and that way its addiction becomes very useful to us.



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