Ravi Speaks:-Are We Serious About-OMICRON-Variant?

 Ravi Speaks:

Suddenly the number has gone into lakhs and the third wave has been picking up yet very fast. The new variant is no doubt the fastest spreading but the adversity reported so far has been below expected levels. Are we becoming casual and not so serious about the same despite the acceleration it has shown in its spread. Let us be extra cautious and shun the laxity on the front of all possible precautions to be taken firmly.

Are We Serious About-OMICRON-Variant?


The World Health Organization Declared COVID-19- ‘A Pandemic’ In March-2020: -

COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March 2020 by the World Health Organization. Look at the toll so far in these couple of years. It is in millions and still the repetition of the dreadful times happening at intervals without any respite whatsoever. Are we learning any lessons from this disaster so far? The same 'Pandemic' has gone into complexity and we don’t know as to what extent we are either into it or so far trying to come out of its devastation.

Current Pandemic Risk

Here I would like to point directly towards the burning and disturbing topic- ‘CURRENT PANDEMIC RISK’.

I would like to draw my opinion on the current pandemic situation where the public, in general, seems to have gone slightly casual. They seem to realize that the new variant-OMICRON has been lesser effective and impactful as far as its adverse effects on the human race are concerned. Here I would try to influence the readers with my observation on the same. Let me tell you that people are not serious and we all must take the fullest of precautions at this juncture to keep this third wave away from another blast happening. We cannot even imagine last year-'May-June' happenings in the future at any cost.

Today I shall be specifically highlighting the not-so-serious approach of the general public towards the new Variant of the COVID-19-‘OMICRON’.

Right from the times, the new variant has come into discussions-it has been observed that the general public has not been so serious and concerning even after the second phase when the Delta Variant had caused the large-scale devastation.

Why People Are Not Still Serious?

In normal circumstances, the devastation and the loss of lives in the second phase should have given an extra caution to the general public for this variant but looking to the low harm and the low causative effect of the same “Omicron variant” now although the infective rate is the faster one-people seem to be ready and tolerant to face the after-effects or even the damage if at all it caused in its present spreading spree.

‘Tedros A Ghebreyesus’- Director-General Of The World Health Organization: - told reporters from WHO headquarters in Geneva that the variant was now present in 77 countries.

"Omicron is spreading at a rate we have not seen with any previous variant. We’re concerned that people are dismissing Omicron as mild”, he said. “Surely, we have learned by now that we underestimate this virus at our peril.”

“Even if Omicron does cause less severe disease, the sheer number of cases could once again overwhelm unprepared health systems. I need to be very clear: vaccines alone will not get any country out of this crisis. Countries can – and must – prevent the spread of Omicron with measures that work today.”

What Should We Do?

Should we try to influence people just as the WHO/UN is presently conveying that we must not underestimate its harmful effects. Or we must try to be just normal in applying our daily safety measures of keeping the hands cleaned/washed and the mouth/face masked with the possible keeping of a distance from others.I think in the present escalating situation we must do both things side by side.

Yes, no doubt it has multiplied very fast and the number has just crossed into lakhs in Delhi within a few days only which is far too fast than even its speed in the second phase but despite all that fast multiplication-it seems that the adverse effect of the same has been very feeble and the serious development to the patients in getting into the emergency services has been very lesser. Then we must not take it lightly at any cost.

While talking to my friends and even my other acquaints about the faster speed with which Omicron is spreading and the faster measures are taken by the state governments for trying to put a curb on the public movement-I have been observing one thing for sure. That is people have been just doing the normal things with of course the precautions but they are not at all that worried about the serious consequences?

It Looks To Be Good But Is It Fine?

In a way it is good but at the same time we should not be grossly playing with the carefree neglect-which we might not have undertaken had there been some serious results causing the fatality rates or even the emergency cases more. Thank God that scenario doesn’t seem to be there and we must thank our stars for the same.

Today right from the early hours of Sunday it has been raining very heavily and the people more or less have been restricting their movements to their respective homes only. There has not been sunlight even for a minute yesterday even and the overcast sky with clouds also gave a very clear indication to one and all that nature also has been helping us in creating a protective setup for all of us. It would be only after a couple of hours when we shall be coming to know about the trend in the number of new cases as announced by the authorities. No doubt the number of infectious cases might even be higher but at the same time, the number of such people who would be seriously getting affected by the adversity of the same would be very low. Does it mean all in fine? By no means not.

Does It Mean The Same-What That Israeli-Doctor Had Twittered?

Twitter by Dr. Afshine Emrani.

Does it mean that we are at the end of this pandemic menace? I wish it came true and the number of cases now being reported might come as the real anti-dosages for the curbing of the COVID-19. Imagine it comes true and there was no more adverse effect observed with the advancement or spread of the Omicron Variant-Does it means that nature has started playing its protective role over the human race?

Pandemic Health Issues Or Common General Symptoms?

What we observed in all our acquaints was this simple viral fever inflicted into each member of the family-which lasted for a day or so in a mild manner. Leaving a dry spell of cough with a slight nose dribbling and that was over. The whole process lasted for a couple or a maximum of three days in the family. Even when those people did the RT-PCR tests, they were reported negative. Maybe we might term that small infection spree with the change of season call. I feel even if it was the mild Omicron effect to the double vaccinated people-the result after the test has not come as the positive one. Maybe because of the very mild nature of the whole episode happening in the family.

Prioritize The Most Vulnerable-This Is What "WHO Head" Speaks: -

“Together, we will save the most lives by ensuring that healthcare workers, the elderly, and other at-risk groups get their first dose of vaccines.

“In most countries, those who are hospitalized and die are unvaccinated. Therefore, the priority must be to immunize the unvaccinated, even in the countries with the most likely access to vaccines.

He said the priority in every country, for the sake of the global effort to contain the pandemic, "must be protecting those who are least protected, not most protected."

About 41 countries still have not vaccinated 10% of their population, and 98 countries have not reached 40%.

“If we stop inequality, we will end the pandemic,” he insisted. “If we allow inequality to continue, we allow the pandemic to continue. "






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